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Sensei Kevin kneeling down

Cornwall Karate’s Chief Instructor (Sensei) is 38 year-old Kevin Cooke.

Kevin began learning Karate in 1992, at the age of 13, after developing delusions of grandeur from watching too many Bruce Lee films!

He began learning Karate in Exeter, under Sensei Phil Nicholls who is a 5th Dan Black Belt and was then the Southwest Chief Instructor of Shukokai Karate Samurai England (now retired).

As a child and teenager, Kevin competed in numerous National tournaments, achieving success in both Kata (pre-arranged “forms”) and Kumite (free-fighting) events.

After a great deal of diligent studying, Kevin was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 16, by the late Japanese Sensei, Shigeru Kimura (8th Dan Black Belt).

After continuing his study of Karate, Kevin was awarded his 2nd Dan Black Belt at the age of 21, by Sensei Paul Mitchell (7th Dan Black Belt, and Samurai Karate International’s World Chief Instructor).

As an adult, Sensei Kevin has represented Samurai Karate UK on an International basis, travelling to Japan in 1999 to compete in the Kumite (free-fighting) event of the Shukokai World Karate Championships.

Sensei Kevin demonstrating a jodan mawashi geri (upper level roundhouse kick)
Sensei Kevin explaining a block to Laura

In 2012, Kevin was awarded his 3rd Dan by Sensei Damian Bowen (5th Dan Black Belt, and Karate-Do International Chief Instructor). Sensei Kevin is an experienced teacher, having previously taught students, of all ages and grades, at several Karate clubs in Devon.

He is now teaching Shukokai (“Way for All”) Karate in the Penzance and Pool (Camborne/Redruth) areas of Cornwall, offering local people the chance to experience the many life-changing benefits that learning Karate with Cornwall Karate has to offer.

Sensei Kevin demonstrating oi zuki (stepping punch)

Kevin credits learning Karate as being the most positive, life-changing opportunity he has ever been given.

“My ‘hobby’ has become a way of life”, he says. “In addition, it has given me the opportunity to get fit, travel the world, refine my character, and learn a practical and effective form of self-defence”.


In accordance with Karate’s philosophy of continual self-improvement, Sensei Kevin is currently working towards attaining his 4th Dan Black Belt.

Sensei Kevin has passed an Enhanced DBS check (formerly known as a Criminal Records Bureau or CRB check).

Sensei Kevin has passed an Emergency First Aid course.

In 2008, Kevin was awarded the Young Performer’s Coach of the Year Award 2008 by the
Cornwall Sports Partnership, in recognition of his work in coaching young persons in the Cornwall area. In 2010, he was also awarded the Participation Coach of the Year Award by the Cornwall Sports Partnership, in recognition of his work in getting people involved in sport in Cornwall. These awards are cross-sports awards, not just awards focused on the martial arts.

Kevin is also a Level 2 English Karate Federation (EKF) Coach.

Cornwall Karate currently has Karate classes taking place in the Penzance and Redruth/Camborne (Pool) areas of Cornwall. For more information and a friendly chat, or to arrange to try Cornwall Karate’s classes, please phone:

Kevin Cooke

Mobile (07706) 797562.

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