Children's Classes
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Wish your children would do something other than sit around playing computer games all day?

Worried about the growing levels of childhood obesity ?

Fed up with your children moaning they’re “bored” ?!

Let us get your children active, healthy and enjoying themselves !

Laura demonstrating jodan uke ( upper level block)
Franky demonstrating gedan uke (low level block)

Cornwall Karate offer children’s (ages 6-15) Karate classes, specially-developed to deliver and optimise the benefits of Karate to children and young adults.

  • We encourage a fun but disciplined environment, helping to cultivate excellent character in our students.
  • We ensure our lessons give your child plenty of exercise.
  • We teach effective self-defence skills, including an anti-bullying system, helping to ensure your child’s safety.
  • We run enjoyable and exciting classes which leave our students keen to return!
  • Mixing of students is encouraged, helping your child to make new friends and develop confidence.
  • We run separate classes for different age groups, ensuring that younger children do not have to mix with adults. We now also offer a “family friendly” class, which lets children train at the same time as adults - perfect for parents wishing to take up a new activity with their child!

Don’t sit back and watch other people’s children benefit from the opportunities of our Karate classes... contact us now to ensure your child has the best jump-start in life!

Aaron demonstrating oi zuki (stepping punch)
Jake demonstrating neko ashi dachi (cat stance) and shuto uke (knife hand block)

Worried about how much Karate might cost? Don’t be!

Our prices offer excellent value for money, and we offer generous family discounts! Check out our “Prices” page now!

We currently have Karate classes taking place in the Penzance and Camborne/Redruth (Pool) areas of Cornwall. For more information and a friendly chat, or to arrange to try Cornwall Karate’s classes, please phone:

Kevin Cooke

Mobile (07706) 797562.

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