Benefits of Karate
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Karate can be a highly beneficial activity for anyone to take-up; although it is an excellent form of self-defence, it’s not just for people who want to get a black belt!

Our Karate classes in Penzance and Pool (between Camborne and Redruth) in Cornwall offer numerous life-changing benefits including:

Emma demonstrating zenkutsu dachi (forward stance)
Sensei Kevin demonstrating gedan shuto uke (low-level knife-hand block)
Aaron demonstarting oi zuki (punch)

Health Benefits

For example, improved fitness, improved muscle tone, improved posture, increased flexibility, weight loss / weight maintenance, reduced levels of stress, etc.

Life Benefits

For example, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, improved anger-management, improved discipline and self-control, improved concentration and memory, improved motivation, a feeling of empowerment, etc.

Ethical and Moral Benefits

Karate cultivates excellent character - especially important for children and young people - by promoting respect, courtesy, good-manners, kindness, consideration, compassion, courage and loyalty.

Social Benefits

Coming to Karate classes is an excellent way to make new friends, develop social skills, develop leadership and team-building skills, etc.


Perhaps most importantly though, Karate is great fun! Is there any aspect of Karate that you or your child wouldn’t benefit from?

Emma and Lyndsey demonstrating  zenkutsu dachi (front stance)

We have Karate classes taking place in the Penzance and Camborne/Redruth (Pool) areas of Cornwall. For more information and a friendly chat, or to arrange to try-out one of Cornwall Karate’s classes, please phone:

Kevin Cooke

Mobile (07706) 797562.

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