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Think you’re too old to start learning Karate ?!

Well you are not !

Sensei Kevin correcting Lyndsey's block
Emma demonstrating a simultaneous gedan uke (low-level block) and jodan zuki (upper level punch)

Cornwall Karate offer adult-only (age 16+) Karate classes, for people just like you! Our adult students range in age from 16 to 60+, so if you are at the “older” end of the spectrum there is no need to keep up with the young guns!

Both men and women are welcome. Whatever your age, weight, height or fitness levels, you can enjoy and benefit from our Karate classes.

Our Karate classes in Penzance and Pool (between Camborne and Redruth) are designed to address typical concerns:

  • Our classes are relaxed, friendly and great fun!
  • We start at the basics - no previous experience is necessary.
  • Every technique is taught in a step-by-step, logical approach.
  • We progress at your pace - no need to worry about being left behind.
  • Mixing of students is encouraged, helping to develop confidence in your techniques, and helping you to make new friends.
  • All students are treated as individuals - we want everyone to achieve their goals!
  • As well as our adult-only classes, we now also offer a “family friendly” class, which lets adults train at the same time as their children - perfect for parents wishing to take up a new activity with their child!

Don’t let one of life’s greatest opportunities pass you by... contact us today to find out how we can help you to achieve your potential!

Sensei Kevin demonstrating a simultaneous jodan uke (high-level block) and teisho uchi (plam-heel strike)
Sensei Kevin demonstrating mae geri (front kick)

Worried about how much Karate might cost? Don’t be!

Our prices offer excellent value for money, and we offer generous family discounts! Check out our “Prices” page now!

We currently have Karate classes taking place in the Penzance and Redruth/Camborne (Pool) areas of Cornwall. For more information and a friendly chat, or to arrange to try Cornwall Karate’s classes, please phone:

Kevin Cooke

Mobile (07706) 797562.

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